Using technology to foster relationships and improve the well being of the work place.



A company's productivity is often a direct result of the welfare of its employees. What ways might we envision a completely new ecosystem for fostering cameraderie within a business? This design concept is a direct response to that question. Tink is a drone that promotes the wellbeing of a workplace by encouraging employee collaboration through social gamification and anonymous smart pairing.

Note: Tink was a collaborative effort. I had the extreme fortune to work on this project with three very talented designers: Joe Tsao (Product), Dennis Dang (Graphics), & Ben Kasum (Graphics).

My Role: ID, UX, Storytelling, Illustration


tink logo.png

Connecting people in the workplace by promoting relationships through anonymous pairing and social gamification.


Tink promotes co-worker relationships and boosts satisfaction and engagement in the workplace. Shared positive experiences strengthen company unity, and minimize turnover. Gamification provides meaningful accomplishments, releases dopamine, and incentivizes collaboration. Connecting people anonymously diminishes cliques in the workplace and promotes equal social opportunities.


The core of this project seeks to push questions for the future of work environments. Can a product be smart enough to read you and assess how it might step in to help? How will businesses shift their values towards their employees? What would it look like in a world where screens take up no physicality? With devices becoming more integrated, points of friction like pulling out an object with a glass display from our pockets will become obsolete. Lastly, how will our relationships to these material objects take shape? What will that ecosystem look like?